‘Stichting Veerdiensten op de Vecht’ owns two ships.
‘Fietsboot I’ operates on the river Vecht and ‘Fietsboot II’ on the Loosdrecht Lakes.

Please note: Weather conditions may prevent the boats to sail. Please always check our website for the latest information. If a boat doesn’t sail, this is shown in a popup.


Fietsboot I sails a regular service between Nieuwersluis and Maarssen with stops in Breukelen town and Geesberge. The route is served twice a day.
During your cruise on the Vecht, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, country estates, illustrious castles, and rustic teahouses. We welcome all passengers regardless of whether you bring a bike or not.

Board near the vicinity of a cycle junction

There is well developed cycle junction network in the Vecht region and the stops of the Fietsboot I are conveniently located near one of these cycle junctions.

Hop on hop off on the Vecht

Fietsboot I is the only tourist hop on hop off service on the southern part of the river Vecht.
It takes one and half hour from starting point Nieuwersluis to the last stop in Maarssen. For your comfort we have toilet on board.
We serve coffee and tea, can mend a tire, do minor repairs on your bike and we have a 230V connection on board to charge your electric bike.


Timetable and rates can be found here (in Dutch).


The bicycle boat on the Vecht was started in 2014 as a private initiative to develop small-scale, sustainable recreation on and along the Vecht.
Fietsboot I was built in 1928 at the shipyard of the Gebr. Kuijper in Schoorldam and baptized as Hendrika. It was then a so-called attic barge on which all kinds of products were transported.
In winter 2013/2014 the ship was transformed into the bicycle boat, with a hydraulic gangway of 1.2 meters wide, hydraulic spud poles and a hydraulic steering system. The maximum permissible water
displacement is 22 tons. The ship is periodically inspected by the National Maritime Administration and has an SI approval to carry 60 passengers.
The boat is accessible for wheelchairs, scoot mobiles and (children’s) tricycles, hand bikes and adapted bicycles (provided they are not equipped with a combustion engine).


Fietsboot II on the Loosdrecht lakes is a ferry which operates a regular service between the Porseleinhaven in Oud-Loosdrecht and De Strook in Breukeleveen with 2 stops at Markus Pos and de
Fuut (Breukeleveense Meentje). The route is served 3 times a day.

Environmentally friendly hybrid drive

The boat is equipped with a sustainable, environmentally friendly hybrid drive. This allows us to cross the lakes silently and with zero-emissions. With the Fietsboot II you can visit the recreational island
Markus Pos, which is only accessible by boat.
During your cruise on the Loosdrecht Lakes you can relax and enjoy the sun, beautiful surroundings and watersport activities such as sailing competitions. We welcome all passengers regardless of whether you
bring a bike or not. You can hop on or hop off at any stop.
Due to legal regulations, Fietsboot II is allowed to carry a maximum of 12 passengers.


The timetable and rates can be found here (in Dutch).


Fietsboot II was built around 1952 in Utrecht. The boat served for a long time as a foot, bicycle ferry in Amsterdam and was operated by J. v.d. Akker Transport Te Water under the name ASSISTENT.
In 2019, the Stichting Veerdiensten op de Vecht leased the boat from Schuttevaer to start the ferry service on the Loosdrecht lakes. In 2020 the boat was purchased and early 2021 the transformation
started to make the boat environmentally friendly and sustainable by installing a hybrid drive, batteries, solar panels, and a bow thruster.
Fietsboot II is accessible to wheelchairs, mobility scooters, (children’s) tricycles, hand bikes and other adapted bicycles (provided they are not equipped with a combustion engine).